Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle is a simple idea which allows emergency information to be kept in a small plastic bottle which is easily and quickly found by the Emergency Services in an emergency.

The scheme was introduced in 2002 in Oxfordshire on a county-wide basis, and well over 70,000 bottles have been issued since. The idea was then picked up by Lions clubs nationally.  

message in a bottle_edited.jpg

The process is simple:

  • Collect you bottle from your GP, Chemist or request directly from a Lions club 

  • Complete the form with the details requested

  • Add a copy of your latest repeat prescription

  • If you have a DNACPR* form, place the tear off slip in the bottle*

  • Place one of the sticky labels on the INSIDE of the main door to you premises

  • Place the other sticky label on the door of your fridge

  • Relax!

*DNACPR - Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation - a process agreed between you, your family and your doctor where CPR is not appropriate - essential guidance for the Ambulance Service to ensure your wishes are followed.

Message in a Bottle is free to the user and is funded by Lions clubs, where organisations become heavy users of the Bottles ie: NHS, or age related charities then a donation is sought.

For more details, or to request new bottles, please contact us.