Murder Mystery Evening

Witney Lions Club and the Standlake Players combined to stage a dinner murder mystery event at Witney Lakes resort on Saturday 3rd February. Net proceeds of 1,500 were donated to Witney Community Hospital, so that their occupational health therapy team can purchase a body hoist and associated slings.

murder mystery 4

'Death by Radio' is a WWII themed Who Dunnit revolving around a group of luvvy actors who escape war-torn London to perform a thrilling BBC radio play here in Witney. All goes well until the producer is killed by electrocution, and then the detective steps in, and with the audeince's help, solves the mystery, revealing the flaws in all six suspects along the way.

murder mystery 3

Over 100 audience members, many in period fancy dress, enjoyed delicious dinner as the mystery unfolded around them. There were laughs aplenty, and lots of vigorous waving of Union Flags as the cast led everyone in a sing song session, including favourites such as 'We'll meet again' and 'There'll always be an England'.

As the evening drew to a close, Lion President (and Standlake Player) Phil Birkett was able to announce that the financial goal of the evening had been met, and then everyone got ready to leave and rejoin the present day again!

murder mystery 2

murder mystery 1

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