NHS Screening Programme 

Our club has recently had a presentation regarding this screening programme. We believe it is a very important programme and would like to assist the NHS in promoting it.
The programme screens men registered with a GP whom are in their 65th year of age, who are automatically sent a letter from the NHS inviting them to attend an appointment at a location nearest to where they live.

As the programme has only been in place in this area for a couple of years, this means unfortunately they have not had the opportunity to screen those men who are older than 65 years.

They have some time coming up over January, February and March, where they are looking into doing some promotional work to highlight themselves to the general public, and encourage those who are older than 65 to self-refer themselves into their programme to be screened.

There is also an opportunity for them to come to organisations and talk about their programme, and give more information. If this is not possible, they can send out contact cards.

They currently screen over many sites in the Oxfordshire area which gives the chance to choose a site nearest to the patient.

More information on this programme can be found by clicking HERE



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