Witney is regarded as a prosperous area; nevertheless there are people who find themselves in need of assistance. The Witney Lions Club Welfare Committee is responsible for considering requests for assistance and endeavours to help in all areas of the community. This is made possible by the work done by the Fund Raising Committee. We distribute about 150 family and individual food parcels each Christmas to those who have been identified as being most in need and the responses we receive show how much these food parcels are appreciated.

We also receive requests from individuals and care organisations where basic household items are required, such as a washing machine, which most of us take for granted. Additionally, we work closely with the Citizens Advice Bureau who pass on requests for help. We have also supported local sport and amenity clubs with equipment for use by young and old alike within the community.


Contributions have been made by the Club to young people to assist them on overseas trips to developing countries where they have taken part in health, educational and community projects. Working within the Lions International Organisation, we donate to help people around the world to improve their quality of life, for example through Water Aid and health programmes, where a small amount of money can help hundreds of people.

We feel that our efforts have made a significant contribution to many people in the fifty years that Witney Lions Club has been in existence.